Wisdom Of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts


Ramadahn was a spirit guide who spoke through Ursula Roberts whilst she was in an entranced state, giving wisdom and knowledge from the spirit world.


When reading this book it is sometimes necessary to remember that Ramadahn frequently refers to human people as spirits, meaning spirits incarnate in human bodies. This may confuse readers accustomed to thinking of spirits only as discarnate entities.


Questions were put to Ramadahn by sitters within a closed circle environment.


Permission granted 2000 to display the following extracts on Centre Christian Spiritualist Church website.

Page 2. - Wisdom of Ramadahn


Understanding Mediumship


Q:        When we sit for development, we are often told that a nun spirit is helping us. Why should this be so?


A:       The holy spirits known to you as nuns, but to us as the dedicated white-robed sisters, continue here in the spirit life the work and service they began on earth. They choose to come back to blend with your hearts and minds qualities gained in their earthly experience, and in return they receive new understanding. Through remaining close they are aware of your inward thoughts and your struggles to overcome the weakness in your own nature.


First, they bring peace, the peace of a quietened mind, the peace of the soul. Then they bring discipline learned from an ordered life in which times were given unto prayer and meditation, and where tasks were conscientiously done every time. They bring also something of the power of the great Christ Spirit. While on earth, through much prayer, thought and forward looking towards the Master Jesus they created the slender bridge of golden thought by which their hearts became attuned unto Him. On entering the spirit world these many nun souls pass swiftly through the first planes of spirit towards the one on whom their thought had been so firmly set - the Christ plane, which is charged with the heavenly love of the Master Jesus himself. Dwelling for a while in His presence they offer themselves unto Him and are sent forth unto the earth upon missions of mercy, love and service. Through the mediums they impart some vision of the beauty they have seen, of the light absorbed, of the love so needed in the earth. Because they have this understanding and have been enchristed with the Christly realm, they can draw around you the protective mantle of their spiritual light, imparting the simplicity, lovingness and joy inherent in their own soul self.


Q:        Those of us who have only just begun on this pathway, how can we be of use?


A:        You all have some degree of mediumship for you are all on the pathway of development. So as you go on your way, think consciously that you are drawing round yourself a cloak of protective spiritual power, and send out, day by day, light from the centre of your heart and light with the will of your thought. As you walk in your city streets amongst the crowds, pause and send out light, that darkness may be dispersed. As you come to the end of your time of prayers, send out light into the building wherein you dwell, that it may be filled with light and the greyness annihilated. As you leave your house dedicated to the work of the spirit, send out light into the entrance to seal it, that the darkness may not enter in.


This is a little task which you may all accomplish in your own particular degree of mediumship, so will you help guard the world against the encroachment of shadows, pushing back some of the threat of destruction and war.


Q:        How can an ordinary person, one not specially gifted psychically, best co-operate with spirit helpers and guides?


A:       First, through the enlargement and purification of your soul body, your spiritual aura. By right loving of earth's creatures, men, women and children, so does the aura expand and grow with compassion. Out of right living and compassionate living will be born prayer, for as you love and desire to help so you send forth thoughts and healing prayers for those whom you see in need. This prayer and compassion together, purifying and enlarging the spiritual body, automatically brings you conscious knowledge of the power of spirit helpers. It makes you sensitive to the Great Unseen, and from this co-operation comes spiritual healing and spiritual wisdom.


So, consideration of the needs of others, love and compassion; this is the first step upon the way.


Restoration of Harmony


Q:        I am not a healer, but I often wish I could help people who need healing. What can I do?


A:        If you have sufficient understanding that you yourself are a spirit, then you can draw upon the spiritual power which is forever at work in the world.


If you desire to draw healing to yourself or to impart it to others who are in need, seat yourself in some restful place allow to drop away all fret, anxiety and fear, slowly bringing yourself into a state of quiet meditative thought until you are conscious of the deep peace of the spirit and warm power of the Love which heals all things. Then in loving thought send to those you desire to help the silver thread of your influence. Visualize their eyes as you last saw them, for the eye is the window of the soul, and if the expression of the eye was weary, lonely or closed with fearfulness, see it changed into joy, peace and glowing health. Try to hold that picture, at the same time attempting to unite these people whom you desire to help with the flowing warmth and peace which is coming to you.


Always where there is a desire to help there will be the watching spirits who will endeavour to forward your work. Spiritual healing is very much a living influence transmitted from soul to soul, and it will flow from your soul into theirs.


Q:        Are there any limitations to spiritual healing? I am thinking of epidemics. Could such illness be avoided?


A:        There are no limitations to the power of spirit. There is a community consciousness, and almost without their awareness people may become influenced by the waves of fearful thought which are emanated by the nation or group which is surrounding them, and it needs a higher degree of spiritual enlightenment to withstand these.


When you absorb such thought vibrations of fear or disharmony you become part of the whole sea of infectious disease, but if you are steadfast in daily indrawing the power of Light and breathing out healing and harmony to those around you, then you can cancel this negative community power of thought and keep yourself and the people near you in harmony and freedom of disease.


Q:        Can one become a more efficient instrument for healing by trying to think of one's healing guide, or is it better just to think of something spiritual?


A:        It is better to try to empty yourself more completely so that you become a clearer channel, an empty vessel. Because you have the desire to heal, so you are known as a healing vessel, and as you give yourself to your healing work, try to let go from yourself all anxiety and strain, bringing yourself into a state of relaxation. Simply hold the thought, "Here am I, a vessel which must be filled because I am trying to empty myself." Thus you should find the healing ray come in great strength and purity.


One way to do this is to place your hand upon the one who is sick, relax yourself in body and mind and simply hold within your consciousness a thought that the power of the healer and patient are one. Unite yourself with the power so that without effort, striving or strain there is unity between the power, the patient and yourself.


Q:        Why does one sometimes feel very weary and depleted when helping people?


A:        This is because you are allowing them to draw strength from you, rather than yourself drawing strength from above and sending it forth to them in a conscious effort of love and thought. So long as you keep your attention turned upward toward the great canopy of spiritual power, allowing this to flow into yourself, you can send out light and love in feeling and thought without becoming unduly exhausted. But if you are trying to carry those who are weak, or allowing them to extract energy from you, then you are not living in harmony with spiritual law.


The spiritual law is: Draw the power and give it forth, and in this you cannot be exhausted.


Q:        How does absent healing work?


A:        The healers transmit healing energy. They sit together in silence so that their spiritual consciousness may be raised. As they attune themselves unto the spiritually potent etheric force this flows into them, charging their spiritual and etheric body with a super-abundance of energy. Then from within their etheric body comes a silvery thread of light which is joined to the sick person, and through this fine thread of light is transmitted the increased abundance of spiritual energy. The patients spiritual body is stimulated and recharged, and the etheric body is brought back again into an abundance of energy so that the disease force disappears and is replaced by health and harmony.


Q:        Is it ever a kind of psychic interference to send out love and healing to someone who has not asked for it?


A:        No, for if you are sending love and healing winged with compassion this cannot harm another soul. It will soothe or enrich. But if that one is truly resistant to that which you are extending, then what has been sent will not be accepted and may circle round and return to yourself. You can never cause harm by giving forth love and by endeavouring to create harmony.


Q:        How can I heal myself?


A:        You should endeavor to spend time, day by day, in the remembrance of the source from which you have sprung. You are spirit, spirit using your body, so your body is only the tool of your spirit. If you gain a purer, clearer spirit consciousness of the Master Creator, then you attune yourself to this perfect power and it will harmonize and heal the body, restoring it to health.


Do Animals survive Death


Q:        Can you tell us about animals in the spirit world?


A:        First, I would speak of this law of harmony and love, for only in your understanding of this can you begin to understand the animal creation.


Is it not true that where there is harmony there is an absence of fret and fury, of fear and of hurt? Harmony stems from love, and where there is love there is a peaceful blending of component parts into one harmonious whole. So it is in your natural world for if you sit quietly in woodland or desert places you become conscious of a peace not found in the city. Here within the spiritual realm of Peace and Harmony this same law governs the relationship of persons unto each other, unto the place wherein they dwell and the animal life around them, as well as the relationship of one animal to another.


Any man or woman who loves and tends a living creature, no matter what their failures, no matter what their sins, this one at the time of death will find a friend and a guide. The animal reasons not, but only loves. In its lovingness it will welcome one who has fallen or sinned and lead them away from regret into the light, towards fulfillment, for this is part of the great and beautiful interblending of the life of the living creatures with the soul of human beings. All are part of one another, all are moving onwards and upwards in a beautiful forward going of evolution, transmutation and change that the whole earth itself may slowly become refined, etherealized and filled with the radiance of life and love.


In your desert and wilderness places of earth, until the lion is hungry he does not destroy the little antelope. Here in the spiritual realm hunger and thirst are known no more and the animals roam in great green silences. The lion, the jackal and the tiger live side by side with the beloved dogs and cats which man has loved during his earthly experiences. In the spiritual realm, man or woman may have as a companion a lion, or any other animal, if they have within themselves a sufficiency of love. Joyful it is to see them walking together or exploring the counterparts of the forest places.


The animal in its earthly existence has no sense of time as you understand it, except as it is governed by hunger and thirst and an awareness of the rhythms of master or mistress. Thus, in the spirit realm the animal may continue for many years without unhappiness because it has not the rhythm of hunger or thirst to make it aware of time, and timelessness makes "time" go swiftly by.


So, when you come to the end of your life's journey, you may step forth into spirit and find awaiting you the beloved horse upon which in your youth you rode across the flowing plains, or the gentle cat who cheered your heart, each aware of you although you may have been unaware of them.


Q:        Is it wrong to have a pet put to sleep because it frets for the owner who has died?


A:        Such an action, if carried out as an act of compassion, does no harm because the creature may be unhappy in its longing for its master or mistress who has passed to the spirit existence. The release from its body, if carried out painlessly, will but bring the soul of that creature into unity once more with the person who loved him. If for any reason you need to terminate the life of any creature, I would say: as you bring this into being, send forth to the soul of the animal the living influence of your loving thought and blessing, for truly that which is radiating from you will help it in its spirit existence.


Pathways To God


Q:        How can we recognise and absorb spiritual truths into our lives?


A:        This is a soul faculty. When strengthened by quiet periods of meditation and prayerfulness your own spirit may begin to learn truths rather than hearing them expounded by one such as myself. All real spiritual development and unfoldment comes about within the inner spiritual consciousness, which then stimulates the mortal brain, so that each person may discover truth according to their own particular needs.


Q:        Can you tell us about the kingdom of heaven? Is there such a place?


A:        Indeed there is, but we in spirit speak of it as the realm of peace, the realm of unity and love. As the soul progresses from plane to plane in the high places of spirit it emits its own inward note of power, drawing unto itself other souls who are in harmony. While they are bonded together in this state of sympathy, love and unity are established amongst them and we say: Here is manifestation of the kingdom of heavenly peace. Groups of such spirit may number seven, seventy times seven or beyond, but where this unity and love exist there is a beautiful harmony of colour flowing between them in rainbow formations. Through these will flash from soul to soul streaks of brilliant light, the symbol of their sympathetic thought. Such a unity and love creates beautiful blossoms in all the surrounding atmosphere, the air becomes clear and bright, and because harmony brings forth sound, music is evoked from the deep bell-like note emanating from the inward consciousness of each soul within the group. This is our understanding of the heavenly state.


Q:       How do we know that what we believe is truth? Should we try to convince others when we feel we have that truth?


A:       The truth can only be truth to each man and woman according to their inner understanding. You should remember this. Because you find a certain truth is good or a certain pathway is right, you should not endeavour to force your brother or sister to go that way. The wise man and woman, the seeker after truth, says to others on the way: "I have seen this, I have heard this. This I have experienced." If what is said vibrates an answering chord within the consciousness of the other, then that one may desire to learn from you, but not all have the same thought. It is right for some to learn through the way of love, some through the way of simplicity or sacrifice, yet for others the way lies through beauty or service. For each soul there is an individual way which is right. It is for you to guide the steps of your seeking, groping brothers and sisters into the way which is right for them.


But remember: unto the child must be given toys and a simple teaching, unto the wise man a thought which is pure and lofty. For some the way is in silence. Each of you, garnering knowledge and experience, may share what you have.


The law of life and the law of spirit is that there is continuous creation and re-creation. There is no stagnation. Therefore you must give and you must receive, pouring out that which you have so that an inner replenishment may come. You may not stand still nor keep your wisdom or your healing to yourself, for to do so is contrary to the law of the Master Creator.


Q:        Can you define spirituality?


A:      Spirituality is when the spiritual mind is dominant and overcomes the many activities and desires of the mortal mind, which are to be found in greed, acquisitiveness, restlessness, or the effort of gaining many things not always needful to the health or harmony of the body. When the mundane mind becomes blended with the spiritual mind. then many of these mortal attributes are dissolved, and the mundane mind will be used to accomplish work, to explain or to be used in a concrete fashion for the work entailed, but it will not be the dominant mind just desiring or fulfilling its own pleasures, rather it is working at the direction of the spiritual consciousness.


Spiritual Understanding


Q:        Is there a golden rule for living?


A:        Try to order your lives as harmlessly as possible. Learn to have a quiet tongue which if it cannot speak good will remain silent. Learn to have such love within your heart that it can quench the raging fire of your temper and resentfulness, that unto the unjust accusations of others and in the quarrelsome situations that arise you may stem the fire of your impatience, the swiftness of your retort, for those who live harmlessly will not engage in quarrels with other man and women. truly you may give wisdom and quietness of judgement, but not in the heat of debate or the haste of impatience.


Blessed is the peacemaker, but how may he be blessed unless he has such peace within his heart that he sees no reason to quarrel? In living harmlessly, sometimes in the secrecy of prayer you must decide between two situations, and it may seem whichever decision you make will bring hurt unto another human soul. To apply the laws of love and peace your decision will be made so that the least harm and hurt may be rendered unto all whom you know. Then having made your decision in the tenderness of love and prayer, extend unto the one you need to hurt the healing of your love, the gentleness of your regret. Thus you bring the law of harmlessness into the fullness of its fruition and beauty.


Q:        If one does say something that is regretted, is it possible to lessen its effect by sending out the counteracting thought?


A:        Yes, each of you should try to live in such a way that at the closure of each day, if anything has been done or said which you recognise as harmful, try to cancel and change it. Either ask the person harmed for their forgiveness, or change the wrong thought by a thought of love and healing, for by so doing you balance the scales of cause and effect day by day, bringing the mind and soul back into harmony.


Q:         Is suffering necessary?


A:        It is true that you must pass through varying experiences in the daily life but you do not need to suffer; your suffering is simply your reaction to what occurs. Throughout your whole life there will be changes of pattern, for your children will grow up and leave you; your mother and father will one day be transferred into spirit. Sometimes other men and women will not understand you and you will react either with sorrow or bitterness to these things. But if you are wise you will say to yourself, "These are but experiences which come to every person; they come to develop strength within me." By accepting them you do not need to suffer. You just endure them as a means by which your soul will be more highly developed.


Q:        Why can we not remember our past lives, the experiences we had before we were born?


A:        Surely the burden of remembrance is very great! Would it be wise to be burdened by remembering all the errors and mistakes, the triumphs, joys and sorrows of the life preceding this one? The Master Creator in His love taught man to draw the veil of forgetfulness that he may take his way on earth with a fresh and new consciousness, one able to absorb experiences, then to forget them, that newer and better ones may be absorbed. Give thanks to the Giver of all Good that He has given you the power to forget as well as to remember.


The consciousness of man is like a tree, which, if it is to grow straight and strong and glorious must shed some part of itself where ever it may unfold the higher and newer parts. Man's new consciousness unfolds from the old one of things he has forgotten. Forgetfulness is the soil from which grows the plant of wisdom, realization and new remembering.



We sincerely pray that you have enjoyed reading these extracts from "Wisdom of Ramadahn" which were channeled through Spiritualist Medium Ursula Roberts whilst she was in a trance state.  We highly recommend Ursula Roberts series "Wisdom of Ramadahn"  and "More Wisdom of Ramadahn."

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Ursula Roberts was a well known, respected and much loved English Spiritual Medium and Healer who through her association with her Spirit Guide Ramadahn, has given us an amazing insight into the Spirit World and provided conclusive proof  and evidence of life eternal.


Ursula Roberts passed over to the spirit world on 27th October 1996.


God's blessings to all who search for truth and knowledge of life in the spirit realms and everlasting life.

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