Wisdom Of Ramadahn  Through the Trance Mediumship of Ursula Roberts -                     compiled by Audrey Ward.


Ramadahn was a spirit guide who spoke through Ursula Roberts whilst she was in an entranced state, giving wisdom and knowledge from the spirit world.


When reading this book it is sometimes necessary to remember that Ramadahn frequently refers to human people as spirits, meaning spirits incarnate in human bodies. This may confuse readers accustomed to thinking of spirits only as discarnate entities.


I have personally gained great guidance, comfort and a greater understanding of life on both planes of existence from reading Wisdom of Ramadahn many times. I would strongly recommend anyone who is searching for more answers and increase their knowledge of spirit life and existence, and how you can make a difference to your life here on the earth plane and in the hereafter to read this book.


Questions were put to Ramadahn by sitters within a closed circle environment.


Permission granted 2000 to display the following extracts on Centre Christian Spiritualist Church website.


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Questions About Incarnation


Q:        Does a spirit choose a particular body and come to earth at a certain time so that conditions will be right to obtain the experience needed?


A:        In theory this is so, but in fact when the spirit comes to take hold upon its bodies it will forget many of the theories and original purposes as it becomes enmeshed in the life on earth. Our teaching is to help each one to regain the realization of their identity as a spirit using the body for purposes of experience rather than being a body with a vague spirit form.


Q:        What is the difference between soul and spirit?


A:       Spirit is the subtle, indestructible, divine manifestation while the soul, which is composed of the fine mental and emotional bodies, is the being through which the spirit manifests.


Q:        At what stage does the spirit enter the body? If it is pre-physical birth, what happens in the case of a still-born child?


A:       The spirit may be near a woman, seeking life, for some while before the actual moment of conception. The joining to the actual growing foetus body comes about when there is a quickening or movement within the mother's womb, but the spirit may be conjoined and waiting within the area of the mother for some while before this happens. When a child is born and the physical body is not able to retain life, the soul and the spirit together have touched the vibration of the mortal world and have formed the nucleus of the soul bodies. These bodies will then continue to grow and develop within the regions of the spirit world. Here, spirits who give great love and wisdom tend and care for these infant souls. The soul body grows and develops under the stimulation of movement, sound, and in the exchange of love one to the other, even as a soul is nourished on the earthly plane by the exchange of love and companionship.


Q:         In the case of a miscarriage, why does it frequently occur around the fourth month?


A:       Sometimes the incarnating spirit is not sufficiently strong to retain it's hold in creativity upon the body which is developing. It may seek another opportunity for incarnation. It is true, that often the first pregnancy will be the one that miscarries.


Q:         Can two people previously have been part of a twin soul in spirit?


A:         Yes, Quite frequently one may choose to enter into the life incarnation simply to give comfort and love to the other half of this twin soul who has chosen to endure a life experience of extreme difficulty.


Q:         When we incarnate, are we destined to have certain difficult experiences, regardless of how hard we try to live a pure life?


A:       Surely, for you are born into an environment which often has been planned before you entered the earthly body. You choose the soil into which the roots of your experience will sink. This means a certain choice is made as to nation, place, family, and the climate of opinion in which you my find yourself when you enter the earthly life. So you may be born into a Jewish or Christian family or into a family of an agnostic, and each will give you a certain atmosphere of thought, a soil from which you may gain some earthly experience. Then, as you move through the pattern of your life, certain events occur which test either your strength, understanding, or involve you in some greater comprehension of the world, some fuller unfoldment of your spiritual mind. Within this broad outline of events you have choice and freedom of will to do as you please.


Q:         What about old people who are bedridden and blind or deaf? It seems they are not learning anything. Why are they not freed by death?


A:         If they had been wise, they would have sought to learn lessons of patience in the earlier seasons of their experience, but by the goodness of the Great Power, often a longer span is given unto some souls that they may learn lessons more completely and so bring their treasures into the spirit realm with them. So what appears to be a punishment, or an unjust or bitter experience, is in itself a blessing, but the blessing will not be revealed until the life journey is completed.



What Happens When We Die


Q:         Ramadahn, can you say what you know about death?


A:        Beloved brothers and sisters, we of the spirit have died our deaths. Because of this we are able to speak with understanding on this matter of life and death. Which each of you come to experience in your own short seasons of earthly existence. The threads of life and death are woven together in a most wonderful and mystic pattern: it is as impossible for us to disentangle the threads, as it is for you, for each are a part of the other. Where there is life, death is beginning to manifest. When death is taking place, there too is the dawning of life, for they are woven finely with a wondrous twinning of eternal life.


Q:        What happens to those who die through accident, war, or by the hand of other men and women?


A:        When this happens, fear and confusion close in upon the consciousness and the spirit is held within the near-earth region. But if such a one has been made aware of the teaching that at death they must look for the light and for the guide in the region beyond earth, then as they realise they are dying, this recollection will slowly emerge and they will begin to look away from the place of terror, from the terror which held their awareness, and start to move up toward the region of peace. Because so many today live only for the things of the body and the earth, many spirits are held close to the earth, hovering around their place of dying, seeking only to come back again into a familiar environment, frightened and lost. Let this teaching of looking to the light be more widely known, and then even those who die tragically will find their way out of the places of sorrow into the regions of peace.


Q:        What happens to little children when they die?


A:        These child souls do, indeed, have a very special place in the spirit world and a very special task to perform. This is not always understood by those on earth. If death intervenes for the child, youth or maiden, as the physical body is laid upon one side the young soul is taken by the teachers and loving spirits into the regions of light and gardens of peace, that therein development and unfoldment may be completed in the care of wise and loving spirits. Because it is the spiritual law that every soul grows through the giving of itself, so the child-soul has to learn how to give some part of its energy, its love, some part of itself, ere ever it may absorb new energies, truths and loves. So the children are trained and developed in the schools of spirit and are then given some work to do, but these tasks are of the soul and spirit.


Q:        How do the children develop?


A:        In the regions of spirit life the children also have their play, and we often enter into their games, teaching them some of the wisdom of spirit. The joyous children run and fling themselves into our arms. As we enfold them, we encircle them with the stronger spiritual force we ourselves possess, as well as partaking of the child's joy. They are also taught to circle round and to dance, and in their rhythmic movements they absorb some of the ethereal matter inherent in the spiritual atmosphere, instead of absorbing food. The ethereal body is strengthened by this, the love body is quickened by the exchange of love between itself and the loving souls who care for it, and the mind is strengthened and quickened by question and answer, even as on the earth. But how beautiful the children are! Their eyes shine with the unstained purity of the spirit, their bodies unfold in flexibility and beauty, for any sickness left from the earthly experience is eradicated by the healing and understanding of the spirit healers. So think sometimes of these children whom you love, not with sorrow, but with joy and tenderness, and visualize them taking their way through the schools of spirit, cared for by the mother and father souls, the servers and lovers of children, who in their love prepare them that in their turn they may bless and heal earth's loved ones.


Q:        What will happen to us when we leave this mortal world?


A:        Your life will be firstly one of joyous reunion, then joyful surprise, then joyful fulfillment. In addition, when you have become accustomed to your life of the spirit, you may be taken to a place similar to your cinema in which you will see a review of all your past life upon earth. As you sit there in quietude, your friends will leave you so that you may see all the details of your mortal life, your good and bad deeds, why you undertook some labours and neglected others. You will also see the manner in which your thoughts and deeds reacted into the lives of others who were linked to you by friendship, kinship, or work in the community. As you behold the reviewing of your life so you will see it as yourself. Some part of it you will regret, but no-one will judge you except your own self, for you will behold the manner in which you used your spiritual opportunities or neglected your chance to create good and harmony. When the seeing is complete you will either hide your face in your hands, creeping away into the shadows of the hall because you are afraid to look upon those who you love, or you will lift up your eyes in gladness and see your friends with joy, because there were only a few things of which you needed to feel shame. So try to order your life now so that you will have nothing to regret when you come into the pure light of spirit. This reviewment will be one of your difficult experiences, but because you will be surrounded by the love of understanding spirits you may be aided even in this time by their sympathy. If they hear you crying with an anguish of regret, loving ones may draw near to comfort and to show you how you may right the wrong by rendering service.

Life in the Spirit World



Q:        Can you tell us something of the spiritual plane you call the Summerland?


A:      In this beautiful place, sometimes called the Summerland, sometimes Heavenland or the Life Elysian, all is in harmony and beautiful colour. When in your earthly experience you are conscious of calmness, and have an awareness of great beauty surrounding you in which you feel your unity with the great Giver of all Life, this is a dim reflection of the state which you will one day know when you pass from the confines of your mortal body into the freedom and light of the Summerland.


Here, there is no winter or summer, but there is a season in which life-waves of varying activity come to their fullness and die silently away. It is as if for a season a golden life-wave brings a golden radiance to all things, and as this dies away it is replaced by a green lifewave, and for a while there is a greenness within all. The variety of colours known upon earth all come into manifestation in turn, bringing into bloom blossoms which belong to their particular strata, so the colour waves touch everything, transforming, changing and beautifying.


The best way to understand this is to visualize yourself standing in some great peaceful valley with gentle waters flowing through. From time to time there is a mighty rainbow, or a lamp with rainbow colours, which slowly turns in its orbit, flooding the valley, touching the grassy hillsides and transforming the calmness of the water with the differing shades reflected.


Because there is no season of cold or heat we do not need dwelling places which are enclosed or roofed, so structures are erected for our use similar to the ancient temples, with raised pillars, through which curtains can be hung or foliage trained to create privacy, for the habit and need to withdraw is still felt. These temples are sometimes left open, that the light from a higher realm may stream through, bringing a concentrated blessing unto those who commune within.


Here too are temples wherein spirits may gather into congregations, and upon altars are set, not symbols of religion as you know them, but vessels of transparent light mirrors which capture and reflect the concentrated light as it falls from higher planes. Through these pure mirrored surfaces light may shine to bless and illumine those who come to commune, worship, and to uplift their thoughts, desiring that even from this beautiful plane they may rise higher to gain experience in other realms of beauty, drawing forever nearer to the great Pure Light which is beyond the comprehension of man in his present state, but nevertheless seen by him in the spiritual vision when dwelling in the Summerland.


Q:        Do spirits grow older there, as people age in earthly life?


A:       Within this realm there is no ageing, and in reality, no youth. There is the shining soul maturity of those who come carrying the burden of experiences garnered from many years of earthly understanding, but the body they use is free from age and stands in the beauty of its maturity. Those who grow from infancy or youth within the spirit realm, these too mature slowly to adult form, but they retain within the inner spirit and radiant purity of their joyful childhood.


Q:         How do spirits communicate with each other?


A:        The language of the spirit is the language of thought, and we who dwell within the spirit existence learn to use thought more and more directly. Within the first plane of spirit we have schools where those newly come are taught how to use their power of thought.


Q:        What do we need to do in order to progress quickly in the spirit world?


A:        What may cause you to stand waiting for a long time at certain gates of understanding lies hidden deeply in your own consciousness. So, try to consider what it is within yourself that holds you back from wider progression. Let go of regret and let go of self reproach. Say sometimes in your prayer: "Yes, great Father of All, I have failed in this. I should have done better. Help me next time to fulfill this with a greater understanding."


The Power of Thought


Q:        Are you, Ramadahn, a separate identity, or are you a strata of thought which is congenial to the medium?


A:        I would think I am a "strata of thought", for truly I spend much time in the realms of thought. If you possessed sufficient clairvoyant vision you would see me now as a shimmering vibration of colour or movement which we call the vibration of thought. I have an identity separate from the medium for I live my own life, think my own thoughts, and quite often visit my own friends - without the knowledge of the medium. Sometimes, too, I endeavour to answer questions coming from minds such as yours, and they will say I answered their question without their speaking to the medium.


Q:        If one is trying to help a person on earth who has close relatives or friends in spirit, is it helpful to send your thoughts to these spirits to ask them to help their beloved one?


A:        Yes. Your thought, going to the one who is now free of the body, will often inform them of the condition and cause of the worry or illness affecting the beloved on earth. Often they will be aware that there is a cloud of anxiety or confusion, but they may not be able to see the cause of the trouble. Therefore, your thought radiated clearly and wisely, especially when requesting the kind of help needed, is a very often a good form of prayer.


Q:      When we form a question in our minds and receive the answer by thought, does it come from those in charge of us or are we able to tap the higher consciousness?


A:       The answer is invariably transmitted from the consciousness of the spirits who are watching over you, but in the evolvement of the higher forms of mediumship it is possible to receive directly from certain sources either wisdom, answers to questions, or inspiration in the form of music or art.


Q:        How do we know where the answer comes from?


A:        When you receive information directly from the Central Source you will be aware of an intensely alert state of mind, a tremendous quietness, and sometimes a sense of light gathering around you. But when your mind if full of turmoil and the answers to questions come in the form of symbols or strong impressions, then it has come from a mind which understands your mind.


Q:         How can we contact higher spheres so we may always be able to distinguish clearly the right course from the wrong?


A:         Be still. Eliminate all desire. Think of a still pool in which is reflected clearly every leaf and branch of the tree encircling it. That symbolises your mind reflecting the great truth which is above. But if in the pool a fish breaks the surface of the water, disturbing the image of the trees, then it is no longer true. So it is with you if you allow some earthly desire, some lower thought, to break the stillness.


Q:         Can perfect physical health be gained by the power of thought?


A:         No, not by the power of thought, but it can be gained by the purification of thought, so that the mental body comes into complete harmony with the spirit which is trying to express itself through the thought and emotional bodies. Each of you is gaining experience of controlling these vehicles, and through this you confront the multiplicities of life and resolve them into simplicity.


Approaches to Meditation


Q:        Regarding the need for prayer and meditation, can you suggest ways by which we might rise above the many things which hold us to the earth?


A:       By establishing within yourself the habit of prayer and quiet remembrance, such as has been created in many religious communities, in which at every hour a bell is rung, bringing back the community to the recollection of God. You may appoint for yourself a time at a certain hour when, whatsoever you are doing, as soon as your eye sees that time automatically you will re-establish your remembrance of the power, unity and beauty of the most High. You do not need to pause in your occupation. Some people can establish this each time they see a child, some at morning and evening. It is an individual pattern created by simply switching. your consciousness from its awareness of what you are doing unto the remembrance of the power and majesty of God. You may also sit quietly in meditation for a short time, watching the rhythm of your breath, breathing in life and breathing out love, for life and love are the very essence of the Universal Spirit itself. Having established the habit you will discover peace.


Q:        When the earthly mind seems to be predominating in one's mediation time, is it helpful to use music?


A:        Truly, for as the sound of music goes forth into the atmosphere surrounding you in colour and beauty, it vibrates upon the delicate unfolding spiritual consciousness and it will often bring it into peace. It also brings relaxation to the mortal body itself, and as the body relaxes so it comes into harmony with the spirit. In your world, too little is known about radiations of sounds and their reaction upon the delicate structures of the mortal body as well as those of the spiritual body.


Q:        What are the first steps to meditation?


A:        There are many ways, for it means bringing the mortal mind into harmony with the spiritual mind and the two may blend. So you may meditate while seated upon a quiet hillside or within a garden, trying to blend your mortal mind with the stillness and peace with the great realm of nature, as your thoughts cease busyness of their activity and come into a slower rhythm, until at last the rhythm of thought itself dies away and you are at peace. In your desire for spiritual unfoldment seek for the habit of meditation, that at any moment you may stop, be still and at peace. Then the mortal mind feels the peace of the great oversoul, the spiritual mind, interpenetrating it so that the two become one in harmony and joy. True melody is created by a vibration of notes, then a pause, a note, then a pause. When you sing, your voice rises then drops down and rests, and out of your resting and rising is melody. Whether the music comes from your own throat and lips or the flowing of singing streams, still it is created as much by the resting as by the sounding of notes and singing.


Q:        When meditating, is it good always to concentrate on the same theme or symbol?


A:        It is good to use the same seed thought for a period, but to change it occasionally, for the mortal mind becomes automatic in its reaction to certain things, and a change of the seed idea for a few weeks is profitable.


Q:        When one sits for meditation, do the guides and spirit friends take any part?


A:        The part that guides would play is to impinge upon your first efforts their peace or tranquility, especially if you have been living in a state of emotional unrest or have not yet learned the first lesson, concentration. Within the spirit realm there is a large body of ministering spirits who in their mortal lives were nuns, monks, hermits or yogi's, under the guidance of those who knew the pathway of meditation, concentration and contemplation. So when a soul such as yourself desires to meditate and takes the first steps towards the lighting of the candle flame of clear meditative thought, a light or sound will vibrate into the inner planes. To you will be attracted a spirit who understands your weakness, your lack of development, and who will stand near to impart to your aura either the blueness of tranquillity, or to blend with your mind their steadiness in concentration. If there is a psychic weakness within the mediumistic body they will stand near to guard you from any invasion which may take place owing to your ignorance or misunderstanding of the laws you are seeking to apply. It is in this blending of the guides consciousness with yours that you are slowly strengthened and brought from stage to stage of understanding, until at last you break through into the clear realisation of that which you are seeking. Then, their work completed, those who have been guiding you may withdraw to undertake the guidance of another upon a similar pathway.


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