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We are very fortunate in these modern days of technology to have available at our fingertips a wonderful and diverse library of spiritual reading and viewing material to help and guide us, to enlighten us and to share spiritual experiences and knowledge.


In this section of our website you will find a very small sample of such videos available on the internet. 


I have included five videos on the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, plus an introduction on 'Who Was Swedenborg'. If you are not familiar with the works and writings of Emanuel Swedenborg you may find the content  quite heavy going, I promise you will not be sorry if you persevere viewing any Swedenborg videos - I personally gained immense understanding, knowledge and clarity from reading Swedenborg's books and watching the many videos made possible through the Swedenborg Foundation. I hope you will take the time to listen to and absorb these wonderful works. Please visit The Swedenborg Foundation website where you can subscribe for updates, join in on live podcasts and download many wonderful spiritual books, videos  and reference material.  http://www.swedenborg.com


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If you have any suggestions for other spirit related videos to be included in this section please send us message using Contact Us form.


Lecture by Minister Judith Seaman Vice President of the Spiritualists' National Union at the Arthur Findlay College Stansted Hall in May 2014

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle audio recording about Spiritualism (14 May 1930)

Marisa Ryan Psychic Medium Presents The Spirit World Experience

Marisa Ryan, internationally known psychic, sees, hears and talks to spirits.

A Medium conducts a reading with a Non-Believer

Director of Metaphysics Research, Donna Smith-Moncrieffe shares video footage from non-believer's experiments conducted as part of her research with mental mediums. 

Enya - Journey of the Angels 

How many Angels in our lives?  How blessed are we! How many good people God sends to our path!  Angels are a part of our very day .... Angels walk amongst us every day!

Who Was Swedenborg? What Should I Read?

A brief biography of Emanuel Swedenborg and explanations of his most popular works.

A Day in the Life of an Angel Swedenborg and Life  

Heart-warming homes, joyous communities, and fulfilling jobs.
These are all part of an angel’s life in the spiritual world. And there’s much more…

In this episode, host Curtis Childs guides us through 18th-century spiritual seer Emanuel Swedenborg’s recorded explorations of the afterlife to see what they reveal about the lives of angels.

"Heaven is For Real" Revisited December 7, 2012 ~ Colton Burpo at 13

A new follow-up interview with the Burpo family from their best selling book, "Heaven is For Real." Colton is 13 years old now & he shares even more of what he remembers about heaven. They have written a new follow-up book called "Heaven Changes Everything." Video courtesy of CBN.com

Swedenborg and Life Recap: Children in Heaven

When a child dies, the tragic event leaves grieving loved ones with endless questions. In this insightful and comforting episode of Swedenborg and Life, host Curtis Childs and featured guests review Swedenborg’s beautifully detailed vision of children in heaven.

8 Strange Places in the Afterlife Swedenborg and Life

In this episode, host Curtis Childs from the Swedenborg Foundation and featured guests explore the eight strangest places Swedish philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg described in his firsthand accounts of the afterlife.

How to Love - Swedenborg and Life

Are humans wired for greater love of self or greater love of others?  If altruism can be learned, let's study how to love more selflessly!

In this episode, host Curtis Childs guides us through 18th-century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg’s recorded spiritual explorations to see what they reveal about how altruistic love can deepen our experience in the physical world.

Where Dreams Come From Swedenborg and Life  

Dreams are a very strange part of our reality.What's the spiritual purpose and source of our dreams?

In this episode, host Curtis Childs guides us through 18th-century philosopher Emanuel Swedenborg’s mystical explorations and revelations to see if they can help us make sense of our dreams..

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