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Understanding Séances  by Al Collier


Much has been written and published about Helen Duncan and her séances, unfortunately the term 'séance' as it applies to her case and the way the term 'séance' is used in modern language are not exactly the same.


First it must be understood that the correct term for anyone who is in contact with the spirit world DIRECTLY is concerned a 'medium'.


Secondly it must be understood that there are several forms of spirit communication.


Most Americans are familiar with John Edwards and his television show 'Crossing Over'.  He sees and hears the spirit and relays the message to the living. This is the form I am  most familiar with as well, since it is my form of communication with spirit.  This is the most common form of mediumship. It does not require the trance state that Helen Duncan and others use.


Others are referred to as 'direct voice' mediums.


This means the medium goes into a trance state, then another spirit speaks through the medium. 


Helen Duncan was a 'materialization' medium. This means she went into a trance state and a spirit would form in the room. It is reported and documented by thousands who attended such séances that those spirits spoke and not Helen.


Traditionally people have claimed that the spirit formed by use of ectoplasm coming from the medium. More recent research now indicates that what has been called 'ectoplasm' is actually an electromagnetic energy, not unlike that of the aura borealis, using a mixture of the human aura and the energy field of the spirit.


It might better be represented if the occurrence was thought of as a temporary linking of the human aura as reflected in aura photographs and the spirit energy that is often captured in photos or on videotape. The blending of two different magnetic fields is well documented, first being noticed during World War II when magnetic targeting torpedoes, which worked fine in the North Atlantic or the South Atlantic, would not work near the equator.


Thus when the police 'claimed' to have tried to grasp a 'sheet' and their fingers moved through it, it could have been the electrical fields. This would also account for the burns on Helen's body during her last séance that lead to her death. Séances are not, channeling sessions, editation sessions or any thing from a cheap Hollywood horror movie.


Séances at least as Helen and those who are serious in such matters are quiet, intense sessions.


They are not games or events for those seeking money.


No medium can ever know in advance who or what will be revealed during the session, but it will be something relating to a person who is present at the séance.


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