Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a major facet of service to others in our Church, in it's commitment to continuing in Our Fathers footsteps by administering healing to those in need. Spiritual healing is administered from spirit, through spirit, to spirit. There is no limit to the good that the energies of spiritual healing can accomplish.


Every living thing can benefit from spiritual healing, be it absent or direct healing. When we look around the world today we see so much cruelty, not only to our fellow human brothers and sisters, but to the animal kingdom and of nature. Where we can stop this cruelty and prevent destruction of our beautiful planet, we should do so. Prayers are a very powerful gift and tool, and go a long way to the healing of all who inhabit this planet.


All are capable of administering healing, so often we do it without knowing it. The times you may caress your pets, even talk to your plants in the garden, say a kind word to another, your love and healing is being conveyed and received. Healing of ones self is most important. By this we mean, suggestive healing is useful along with prayer and meditation. All forms of healing are a very personal experience. We can, as individuals better condition and prepare ourselves for better health by regular exercise, healthy diet and mediation. A quiet room, comfortable chair, a quiet mind, soothing music, and preferably a regular time set aside for meditation. Healing enriches our lives and improves our resistance to illness and disease in ways beyond our dreams.


It is crystal clear that spiritual healing is God's gift to all His children, irrespective of race, creed or religion.


There is no reason why "spiritual" healing and "earthly" healing cannot work hand in hand. Unlike in ages past, many medical practitioners today freely accept the benefits and results gained from spiritual healing. If at any time a spiritual healer becomes aware of or knows of a health condition with a recipient of spiritual healing, the spiritual healer must always strongly urge the recipient to seek, or continue, with medical advise from their doctor or physician, in addition to continue receiving spiritual healing. Similarly, if during the course of administering spiritual healing, a healer senses a medical condition, they MUST NEVER tell the recipient of any such spiritual diagnosis, again in this situation, a spiritual healer should without causing undue stress or alarm to the recipient, strongly suggest the recipient has a  medical checkup with their physician.


Healing as a rule requires a period of time for noteable progress to be realised, however improvement in some form or another is usually seen as soon as healing commences: for example, improved sleep pattern, diminished pain, relaxed muscles, new strength and vitality, a feeling of inner peace and fulfillment. We have, in our Church witnessed many remarkable recoveries associated with everyday illness, terminal diagnosis and psychological disorders, whether healing has been administered directly or by absent healing prayers.


It cannot be emphasised enough, that distance is no obstacle to receiving absent healing, for healing powers manifest itself everywhere, overcoming any difficulties in receiving healing from the spirit realms. When healing is administered or sent, we never think of those in need, as being sick or troubled, we think of them as being whole and complete, as ALL thoughts are living things.


Spiritual healing or laying of the hands as it is known by many and absent / distant healing forms part of all our Church services.


Most often a spiritual healer will either stand behind or in front of the recipient, with their hands either a short distance away or lightly upon the recipients shoulders. Spiritual healers do not all work exactly the same when being used as a vessel or channel for spirit to administer healing, it matters not whether the healers hands touch the body of the recipient or not, the benefits of receiving spiritual healing will be exactly the same. Spiritual healers must comply to a strong code of ethics, at no time will a spiritual healer touch or place their hands on the recipient inappropriately. 


It is very important that when you begin to develop your gift of healing, that it is done in the proper manner. By this we mean, seek a reputable place to develop, a Spiritualist Church or referral to an experienced Spiritual healing teacher. It is important to follow certain guidelines, for example, cleansing of all worldly thoughts, ensuring you are working with the correct sphere of development, being of a calm mind and spirit, giving yourself over to the spirit healers to work through you in Gods name.


Every healing session in our Church commences with the congregation saying the following healing prayer.


O' Father God, O' love divine

In faith we meet in numbers few

The power to heal is only Thine,

Our only hope our trust in Thee,

To use this power 'O Lord divine,

To heal the sick, we humbly pray

Acknowledging the work is Thine.

We thank Thee Father day by day 

We ask Thy aid and humbly say

Thy will be done, Thy will be done.



We keep an absent healing book in our Church where names can be placed and healing prayers are said every evening for the spirit healers to carry our healing prayers to those in need. It is not necessary for individuals to believe in, or know they are receiving absent healing, for there are dedicated healers on the earth plane who sit in prayer and spiritual healers in the spirit realms who take our prayers where they are most needed.


If you know of someone who would benefit from receiving absent healing please send a message via the Contact Us form using " Absent healing" in the subject line. Please include the persons name, city, town or country where they live and nature of their illness.  We will then include them in all our healing prayers and send absent healing to them.


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