In this section you will find some beautiful inspirational poetry from well known and respected poets from around the world.


It is our prayer that you will enjoy the many inspirational, thought provoking and beautiful pieces of poetry that are made available on this website through the kindness and generosity of many talented and gifted poets and authors.


We feel so richly blessed in that these authors and poets have granted permission for their God given inspired writings to be displayed on Centre Christian Spiritualist Church website.


Most of the poetry displayed on this website is owned by or copyright to the individuals stated, please do not use or copy any poetry without first seeking permission from the author.


Please enjoy your visit, we pray that like us, you will leave these pages feeling more at peace and able to face all adversity, knowing that you are not alone as you walk through your daily life, you have the love of God and Angels by your side.


Unfortunately there are some pieces of poetry and verses that are 'Author Unknown', which pains us greatly, as these words from 'Author Unknown' were penned by a talented and gifted writer, so if you should have information that will provide the name of the author please contact us so we can place the appropriate credit to the 'Author Unknown' inspirational words.


Norma Marek


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