Centre Christian Spiritualist Church

Our Vision - Our Purpose - Our Core Values

Our Vision:


Centre Christian Spiritualist Church of Western Australia is a universal beacon of light to spiritual understanding and enlightenment, inspiring each individual to reach their full potential, living a loving and abundant life in peace and harmony thus enriching local and global communities.

Our Purpose:

To inspire, educate and enlighten in all persons that Spiritualism is more than a religion, it is a way of life.

Our Core Values:

We will;

  • acknowledge 'One God who is Love'

  • lead by example, deed and word

  • uphold what is pure, right and true

  • have open universal communication channels

  • foster and encourage spiritual growth in all persons

  • demonstrate proof of life after death through mediumship 

  • through faith and trust, strengthen links with the Spirit World

  • live a loving and spiritually abundant life in peace and harmony

  • unite in Fellowship to create and strengthen Church membership

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