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How do we know our loved ones who have died are with us?

Our loved ones in spirit give us many signs that they are with us.  They may come to us in dream form, a sudden memory of a loved one may come to mind, we may sense a loved one being close to us, we may smell the scent of a perfume or cologne our loved one wore, a feeling someone is touching your hair, or a hand on your shoulder, a feather like touch to your face, a butterfly may come from nowhere and settle near or on you, often we will find a feather on the floor or on our pathway, a favourite song of our loved one may come on the radio. These examples are just a few of the many ways our loved ones will make their presence known to us, it is up to us to recognise these things as being a sign from our loved ones. Also we may receive a message or communication via a medium who has attuned themselves to the spirit world and their spirit guides enabling spirit communication to take place.


Why is clairvoyance a part of your Church Divine Services?

We believe as spiritualists that there is a spirit world. A world where our spirit or soul goes after we die. We believe that the two worlds can link together and this part of our services is to demonstrate proof of survival after death. It is also an avenue for spirit loved ones and guides to help you during your earthly life and a way for your loved ones in spirit to help you accept their passing, and to know that when it is time for you to return to spirit, you will meet again.


Many people I know do not believe in an afterlife. How can I convince them of what I believe to be true, that there is an afterlife?

We have to be patient with those who continue to deny the existence of the afterlife even though the evidence is so overwhelmingly convincing. We suggest to those who have contact with family, friends, etc who refuse to listen to any attempts to explain to them the consequences of the afterlife, to be patient. Just hold on to your own acceptance of the afterlife by citing the huge amount of evidence. To help those who have not been awakened with knowledge or proof of the afterlife all you need to say to them is, "Be reasonable. Just keep an open mind." and "What if I am right about the afterlife since you and nobody else in the world has been able to prove there is no afterlife?"


What is a spiritual healer?

A spiritual healer is a person who allows himself or herself to be used as a vessel / channel for the flow of healing light and energy. This can be done for the benefit of self and others.


What is the source of healing?

All healing comes from God. A spiritual healer acts as a vessel / channel for this healing energy; not as its source. Spiritual healing is channeled by spirit, through spirit, to spirit.


Who can become a Spiritual Healing Channel / Vessel?

Anyone can become a healing channel. We are all Spirit; God is Spirit; God's Healing is spiritual in nature; therefore, so long as one's intent is to help and to work with God's Healing Light, that person can become a healing channel / vessel.


Do people have to be a Spiritualist or a believer in the afterlife for Spiritual healing to work?

No.  Spiritual healing can benefit everyone, no matter colour, creed or religion. Spiritual healing benefits the health and well being of babies, children and animals, none of which are aware of religion, specific beliefs, the afterlife, or the like. 


Does Spiritual Healing involve massage or manipulation or removal of clothing?

No. Healing is administered by simple acts such as laying on of hands, either on or close to the body. Massage and manipulation are not a part of spiritual healing in our Church. At no time will you be asked to remove any items of clothing; the only exception being for your own comfort you may be asked if you wish to remove an overcoat, glasses or hearing aid. Occasionally the person receiving spiritual healing may ask if they can remove their footwear, this of course is permitted if it is more comfortable for the receiver of healing.


What is meant by the laying on of hands in spiritual healing?

The term 'laying on of hands' is generally used when the recipient of healing and the spiritual healer are present in the one place. Most often a spiritual healer will either stand behind or in front of the recipient, with their hands either a short distance away or lightly upon the recipients body. Spiritual healers do not all work exactly the same when being used as a vessel for spirit to administer healing, it matters not whether the healers hands touch the body of the recipient or not, the benefits of receiving spiritual healing will be exactly the same. Spiritual healers must comply to a strong code of ethics, at no time will a spiritual healer touch or place their hands on the recipient inappropriately. 


How does prayer relate to spiritual healing?

Prayer represents a means whereby we talk with God and express our wishes to God. In healing, prayer becomes important, in that it acknowledges that there is a power, beyond the self, at work. Prayer helps focus the healing work. Prayer and healing work hand-in-hand.


Is there any way which I can help the healing process?

Yes. By continuing any prescribed medication and maintaining a positive attitude in anticipation of the desired result, the healing process will often be accelerated. Your thoughts are a very potent force and this can go a long way towards aiding the healing energies. However, you should also look at ways in which alterations to your lifestyle could assist the process and actively looking at how you can make those changes.


Do I need to attend healing more than once?

Healing is a continuous process, should you be unable to attend our Healing Service it is advisable that you write your name in our ‘Absent Healing Book’ this ensures that healing contact is maintained with 'absent' 'distance' spiritual healing rays being sent to you.


Why does Healing seem to take so long to work?

We have to appreciate that there are no ‘miracles’ either in healing or anything else, merely the manifestation of natural law, as yet unknown to us. Every single facet of life including the act of healing is subject to the immutable law of nature. Although there are many spontaneous recoveries, healing is usually a progressive process.


Why does Spiritual healing sometimes appear to fail?

Our physical body cannot live forever. The healing energies can bring about relief either physically or mentally, or both. There may not have been a physical cure, but there may have begun a change in mental well-being and the patient may be able to deal better with the pain and discomfort they have to live with. They may be able to enjoy what they are able to do, not dwell on what they are unable to do. Is this not a form of success? If the changes brought about by Spiritual healing helps to ease a persons path through this life, either physically or mentally then it could be said that healing does not fail.


Can spiritual healing work in cooperation with other forms of healing?

Yes, it can. Many healing channels work with Spirit guides and companions. Some work with the aura, with the chakras, and with color. So long as the healing channel / vessel understands what he or she is working with, in conjunction with basic spiritual healing, it can all work together, as a harmonious and whole healing experience.


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