Welcome to Centre Christian Spiritualist Church

We welcome you in friendship and an open heart to our Temple of Light Love and Healing: ‘Centre Christian Spiritualist Church’.


There are many reasons why an individual will attend a Spiritualist Church or seek guidance and answers about Spiritualism via a variety of forums. It may be because of health concerns, the passing of a loved one, troubled times, something you have read or seen in the media, disenchanted with orthodox religion, an inner guiding urge to explore the philosophy and religion of Spiritualism, etc. Whatever it is that brings you to our beautiful Church we want you to know you will be made very welcome in a peaceful, loving and safe environment.  We want you to be comfortable in knowing we promote spiritual values according to the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, that we have such a wonderful feeling of love, peace and harmony within our Church, we work closely with the wondrous serene spheres of spirit energies and enjoy the friendships we form with those who walk through our doors.


We don't claim to know everything – nobody can. Knowledge is infinite and we will always be learning. What we do maintain is that we have received a glimmer of truth which inspires us to search for more, rejecting the unreasonable and accepting what is logical and uplifting. What makes Spiritualism unique is the evidence of survival after death that is obtainable through Mediumship. Other religions preach an after-life as a hope, faith or belief, however we believe all God's children have the ability to prove this for themselves.


An individual's Religion and Beliefs are a very personal matter, we do not ask you to believe what we say, rather, what we suggest is that you study the literature and interpret the Philosophy and Teachings of Spiritualism according to your own level of awareness and understanding, and create a foundation for developing a personal philosophy with the aim of bringing about a transformation of your own spiritual qualities, morals and ethics for the betterment of yourself and to the benefit of all in your life and the wider community.


It is our prayer whether you walk through the doorway of each page in our online home, or personally visit us in our Church, that you will gain a powerful insight to Spiritual knowledge and understanding and accept the supreme necessity for all of us to lead the best kind of life we can on earth, to practice qualities of compassion and kindness and to give service wherever we can.


God bless you and those you love.


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